Testimonials of Ağa Hamamı

hamam hmmmm

It is a very historical place and definitely worth seeing. As a foreigner living in Istanbul I like it there because I can go there together with my husband. I was attended by a lady named Fatma and man oh man, did she scrub me well. The whole experience is very interesting, it is more Turkish than other fancy hamams. It is an experience one will hold for years to come.

Turkish Bath

Stumbled upon this marvelous gem by Istikal, turns out it's an authentic Turkish hamam that dates back to 1454! The staff are so cheery and helpful and genuinely interested in what they do and make all guests feel more than welcome and comfortable. And honestly, for a Turkish hamam where you need to bathe in front of strangers (you'll have a cloth protecting your privates), it's not easy to make people feel comfortable. The service was great, the experience was authentic and enjoyable, and most importantly, the whole facility issuer clean, I could not find a single stray hair or the tiniest wisp of dirt! And to top it off, they give you the tastiest apple tea you'd have the pleasure of tasting :) 10/10

Visited Ağa Hamamı

We (couple) visited this hamam after tiring days walking up and down the hills of Istanbul! Overall this place strikes the right balance between a semi traditional hamam and one that is westerner and couple friendly. After being given a towel and instructed first to wash, we were directed to the "sauna" followed by a short massage/ exfoliation. The main hamam room was mixed but the massages and masseurs were segregated by gender. The masseurs did not disappoint but we only had a short massage, as part of the 50TL package. We were treated to apple tea a dry towels after our hamam, and all up spent almost 2 hours there. Purists may be disappointed to find the main room of the hamam to be not very hot or steamy, but what is described as the "sauna" is a smaller room which fits better with standard expectations. The entire hamam was very clean, and the peeling paint of the dome lends a sense of fading grandeur. Overall we both felt very comfortable throughout the experience.

Relaxing Turkish bath

I went with two friends and the it was very beautiful and cool place for relaxing.The bath and the massage was great also the workers was caring and attentive to the job. I love the place, will be back again when ever am in Istanbul.
Sandra Armstrong


I vissited in istanbul with my family just for tour and and after a long day we needed a traditional hamam to relax our muscles . very affordable,good treatment and well relaxing...I recommend to you to try it you will love Ağa Hamamı...

Magnificent masage in Ağa Hamamı

Very friendly staff. Great ambience. Magnificent masage. Boys at reception delightful. Half the price of the others. As a resident I'll be back. .............What more can I say